1. Click the gear icon at the top right of your account and select “Account.” 
  2. View your discoverers list under the Discoverers tab.
  3. Next to each discoverer, we show their progress and engagement level:
  • Invitation Sent: Career Key sent the email invitation, but the discoverer has not yet accepted it.  Make sure they check their spam or "Promotions" tab if using a Gmail account.
  • Not Completed: not yet completed the assessment
  • Completed Assessment: completed the assessment, but not yet added any careers or majors to their Career Profile
  • Started Profile: added at least one career or major to their Profile
  • Returned to Profile: signed out and signed back into their Profile to review their career options at least once.

For the discoverer to get the most out of the assessment, it’s ideal for them to reach, at a minimum, "Started Profile" or “Returned to Profile.” That means they’re really taking action to explore their Career Key matches to careers or majors.